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The 2nd “Lie ~ Testimony of the 33rd Year ~” (Information)


 In addition to materials related to the history of Kumamoto University, the Kumamoto University Archives collects, preserves, and publishes materials related to the Kanda Incident, which is of great social interest. Following the first screening held last year on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the acquittal in the retrial of the Kanda case, the main library will host a screening of the program “Lie ~ Testimony of the 33rd Year ~” (broadcast on June 29, 1981, 56 minutes) produced and written by RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting System.

The Kanda case, which was the first serious case under the new post-war Criminal Procedure Law, has many elements that can be called the origin of false accusations. There have been four cases of false accusations in which death row inmates were acquitted in retrials, including the Kanda case, and it is attracting attention whether the Hakamada case, which is currently being retrialed, will be the fifth.

In this project, we will watch the program with visitors and discuss current issues related to false accusations and appeals for retrial with commentary on current events. We hope that this will be an opportunity to think together with all of you.


【Date & Time】Saturday, July 13, 2024 6 13:00~15:30 ※ 12:30 Open and reception starts
Place: Kumamoto University Kurokamikita District Kusunoki Kaikan Reception Room
(Kumamoto City, Chuo-ku, Kurokakmi, 2-40-1)
【Target】General public (anyone who is interested)
【Participation fee】Free, reservation not required
【Organizer】Kumamoto University Archives
【Cooperation】RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting * The program will be screened with the permission of RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting.
【U    R    L】 http://archives.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/info/info_20240713.html

13:00 Opening remarks (Osamu Miyazaki, President of the Archives)
13:05 Explanation of the purpose (Toshitaka Makiguchi, Citizen Researcher)
13:10 “Lies: Testimony of the 33rd Year” (Broadcast on June 29, 1981)
14:20  Program Commentary (Toshitaka Makiguchi)
14:25 Current  Affairs Commentary “False Accusations and Reporting: The Kanda Incident and the Hakamada Incident as Examples”
(Researcher of the Library, Takeshi Takamine)
14:35 Current Affairs Commentary “Recent Circumstances Surrounding Criminal Retrials”
(Yukio Okada, Professor, Faculty of  Humanities and Social Sciences, Kumamoto University)
14:50 Q&A
15:30 Closing

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