• About Campus Museum

About Campus Museum

Making the Campus Museum a Reality

Collection, Management, Exhibition, Utilization, Research, Education, Local Contribution, and Information

The Campus Museum is designed to contribute to the understanding and study of the history, cultures, traditions, and technologies of the world’s peoples, as well as the development of education, culture, and research by being available not only to local citizens, but to people from all around Japan and the world.

Campus Museum

Kumamoto University strives to be an open university. To this end, our research centers are collaborating to turn the entire campus into a museum centered around our collection of nationally-designated important cultural properties (buildings) that anyone can visit and thereby increase their motivation to learn. The Campus Museum is to convert the cultural properties, academic resources, faculty work and research results into sources of knowledge, and to use these proactively in education and research academic knowledge combined with culture and technology) to all of society.

Campus Museum logo

The Campus Museum logo is designed with the initial letter “M” of “Museum using the curves and straight lines found in the University’s historic buildings. Its design represents that we are open to the community and the world.