Ogawa Hisao

Welcome to the Kumamoto University Campus Museum

Kumamoto University, which has a long history and tradition, has four buildings designated as nationally important cultural properties on its lush green campus, including the Memorial Museum of the Fifth High School. It also possesses valuable materials identified as nationally important cultural properties in its collection, such as documents and objects belonging to the Hosokawa family, lords of the Higo (Kumamoto) domain, deposited by the Eiseibunko Foundation, and documents from the Aso family in the university collection. These materials are being actively used for education and research.

The campus contains a wide-range of museums, such as the Higo Medical Education Museum, which introduced the tradition and history of medical education in Higo, a pioneer in the era, and produced the world-renowned bacteriologist Shibasaburo Kitasato. It also includes the Kumayaku Museum with its medicinal botanical garden, which preserves and nurtures a variety of medicinal and rare plants.

Kumamoto University has also included the Campus Museum Concept in its mid-term vision, that is, the “Kumamoto University Initiative 2030.” It intends to actively utilize these valuable historical resources to promote education and research as well as to contribute to the development of education and culture by widely disseminating them to local and international communities and deepening interactions with them.

We hope to create a campus museum where people can visit, learn, enjoy, and talk to each other.

We look forward to welcoming many visitors to the Kumamoto University Campus Museum.

Ogawa Hisao President of Kumamoto University