• Management Organization

Management Organization


The Kumamoto University Campus Museum Promotion Organization is composed of the following members.
The organization houses the Kumamoto University Campus Museum Promotion Organization Management Committee.

  • Director Mizumoto (Director in charge of human resources, labor affairs, and campus museum)
  • Deputy Director Miyao (Director in charge of public relations, branding, and administrative collaboration)
  • Deputy Director Misawa
  • Special Assistant to President Matsunaga
  • Concurrent faculty member
  • Part-time teacher
  • Specified business researcher, etc.


The Campus Museum Promotion Organization will carry out the following duties:

  1. Matters related to planning and planning related to turning the campus into a museum
  2. Matters related to cooperation in displaying historical and cultural materials and buildings within the university (hereinafter referred to as “internal materials, etc.”) and disseminating information
  3. Matters related to virtual exhibition, digital archiving, and English translation of university materials, etc.
  4. Matters related to research and management of materials at the Kumamoto University Fifth High School Memorial Hall and Chemical Experiment Station


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