• Management Organization

Management Organization


The Campus Museum Promotion Office is made up of the following members:

  • Vice-President for Campus Museum(Office Director)
  • Campus Museum staff/Faculty
  • Director and faculty/staff of Memorial Museum of the Fifth High School
  • Faculty at each campus (Kurokami North & South, Honjo, and Oe)
  • Faculty at various related departments (Social Co-creation Advancement Division, University Library Division, Facilities Planning Division, International Affairs Division, and the Public Relation Office of the General Affairs Division)
  • Technical Division staff
  • Trustee (public relations and branding)


The Campus Museum Promotion Office collaborates with various organizations to engage in the following activities:

  • Evaluating collections and performing research
  • Digital archiving of collections
  • Planning exhibitions
  • Holding symposiums
  • Educating curators

2023 Campus Museum Promotion Office Activities

Administrative Department
  • Establishment of museum operational structure

The Four Working Groups

Facilities WG
  • Preparation of museum facilities and deciding on maintenance plans.
Digital Archive WG
  • Digitization of educational resources and evaluating and implementing methods for archiving and sharing educational resources.
Preservation and Exhibition WG
  • Preparation of museum facilities and deciding on maintenance plans.
Public Relations WG
  • Planning and execution of public relations and promotion activities for the Campus Museum.


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