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President Hibino of Tokyo University of the Arts visited


On the afternoon of Wednesday, June 21st, Tokyo University of the Arts President Katsuhiko Hibino visited Kumamoto University. President Hibino has held numerous exhibitions and projects throughout Kumamoto, and in June 2021, he was appointed director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kumamoto.

This was his first visit to Kumamoto University, and after greeting President Ogawa in the president’s office, he visited the Important Cultural Property Fifth High School Memorial Hall, viewing the university’s historical buildings such as the Faculty of Engineering Research Museum and Akamon Gate.

At the Fifth High School Memorial Hall, after viewing a model of the old Fifth High School, a restored classroom lined with desks from the time of the Fifth High School, and a ridge plate with the names of those who were involved in the construction of the Fifth High School, there was a place for a social gathering. 

At the beginning of the discussion in the exhibition room where the original blackboard still remains, Director Misawa Fifth High School said, ”Fifth High School has stone steps at the four entrances, and the stone steps at the back entrance that were used by students are worn out. It remains as a trace of the history created by 13,000 graduates.”
Opinions were also exchanged regarding the campus museum concept promoted by Kumamoto University. In response to President Ogawa’s question, ”I would like to receive some advice on how the university should promote the Fifth High School Memorial Hall,” President Hibino answered, ”Cultural properties are not just about preserving old things; What is important is that it is worn down by graduates, and it seems that the definition of cultural assets for Japanese people will change little by little from now on as the 18-year-olds enter that year. As things change with the times, the most important thing is how to utilize the buildings left by our predecessors.” There were many other topics that were discussed, such as what can be done through the connection between Tokyo University of the Arts and Kumamoto University, and how universities and art should be viewed from new perspectives and values, making it a very fulfilling and valuable opportunity, even though it was only a short time.

We hope that this visit will encourage future exchanges and collaboration between the two universities.


Photographed in front of the Fifth High School Memorial Hall

Meeting in front of the blackboard at the time of the company’s founding

Receiving opinions from President Hibino

Commemorative photo in the exhibition room