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Kumamoto University Campus Museum held a lecture by Katsuhiko Hibino “The Power of Art”


At Kumamoto University, the campus museum held a lecture by Katsuhiko Hibino, president of Tokyo University of the Arts and director of Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, on February 10th at the Faculty of Engineering Centennial Memorial Hall.
On the day of the event, many people from a wide range of ages, from junior high and high school students to the general public, participated in the event, and talked about the relationship between art and the local community that Hibino has practiced, flexibly applying it to various aspects of society, such as art projects. We talked about the possibilities of corresponding art.

Focusing on the idea that “art is related to the human heart,” we address contemporary issues by addressing SDGs and art, diversity and art, art that creates a cohesive society, art that connects with companies, art that brings out the power of the place, and the “power of art” to transcend fixed ideas.

The venue was filled with fresh stories about the possibilities of art from new perspectives, conveyed the value of art in providing “cultural prescriptions” to society, and reaffirmed the power of art and culture.

After the lecture, there was a long line of people waiting to greet the professor, and it was impressive that everyone was taken care of.

In addition, after the lecture, the Faculty of Engineering Research Museum was opened to the public for a special time, and many visitors were able to enjoy Kumamoto University’s cultural assets by touring a group of moving machine tools that are important cultural properties.

In a questionnaire survey of participants, we received comments such as ”I realized the importance of the field of art” and ”I understood that art is the power to live,” making it a meaningful lecture that considers the role of art based on new values. 

Mr. Katsuhiko Hibino giving a lecture

Venue situation

Faculty of Engineering Research Museum tour

Commemorative photo in front of the Centennial Memorial Hall