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Monument,Bronze Statue of Natsume Soseki,and Stone Slab with haiku Inscription

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The monument beside the bronze statue is inscribed with a passage from thecongratulatory address Natsume Soseki delivered at the anniversary of the school’s foundation on October 10, 1897. As the teachers’ representative, he stated:“Education is the basis for founding a nation, and teachers and students harmoniously learning together shall form the basis of educating gifted young adults.” The monument was erected in 1962 by the alumni association to commemorate Goko’s 75th anniversary.
The stone slab, erected in 1996, is inscribed with a haiku: “Autumn is best for reading; it arouses my desire to be of benefit to the nation,” which Soseki composed on the theme of Goko. The statue of Soseki extends his left hand in front,and legend says that a pat on the head will improve your intelligence.